New Fitness Logo – Same Message

We’ve stepped up the pace a bit for this years fitness events.  I say stepped it up mainly because there have been more firefighters and police officers jump on board with getting in better shape.  Part of the motivation for the PD guys is when firefighters take off running first while carrying a box of donuts and on the flip side the PD guys put recliners at the finish line for us firefighters.  All kidding aside; I hope you find some motivation in the new logo.

Darrell Fitch from Fire Medic Art and Fireman Up hammered out a new logo for our First Due Racing team.  It looks awesome and is already being added to our 2014 jerseys.  T-shirts and stickers to follow.

First Due Racing Logo

The logo and jerseys pay tribute to fallen friends, co-workers, and American heros SSG Jon Martin, Officer Andy Dunn, and FF Jamie Dickman.  They all have a place in our hearts and will be on our minds throughout our races.

We have had great support from numerous sponsors and will be announcing more details about our plans for the Glass City (Toledo) Marathon soon.  If you are interested in running the race; get registered soon as the half marathon is over 75% booked.




Fire Medic Art Logo 2013

1-800-BoardUp     The Pig     Fire Medic Art

TNT Rescue      Fireman Up      Tecgen Xtreme

Pass it on!