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Lifting and Moving Rat Maze

Andrew Brassard made a maze prop that weighs a couple hundred pounds. The idea is to use pry bars, airbags, wedges, cribbing, rabbit tools, spreaders, and other tools to manipulate the box and get a small ball from one end to the other.

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Deerfield Twp Rescue 57

I dropped in to see Battalion Chief Doug Wehmeyer at the main Deerfield Twp firehouse a few days ago. After some command training and dinner, he finally let me see the rescue truck.

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Things You Find While VCSing It

Here's a quick one on the importance of preplanning and getting out in your district. First, VCSing stands for Various Courses and Speeds. It might not be the politically correct definition, but if you don't get out in your district more often than not you will miss what's going on.

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