Things You Find While VCSing It

Palo Alto Cali 4Palo Alto Cali 3Here’s a quick one on the importance of preplanning and getting out in your district.  First, VCSing stands for Various Courses and Speeds.  It might not be the politically correct definition, but if you don’t get out in your district more often than not you will miss what’s going on.  It could be construction, demolition, renovation, out-of-service hydrants, or possible training grounds.  So, get out once a tour and drive around a bit to see what you see that will improve your operational readiness.  Call it drivers training if you must…


The pictures below are from a student of mine in Palo Alto, California.  His crew stumbled on this mega mansion while under renovation.  The plan for the basement is to add a mud room, laundry room, fitness room, and a kids play room with a walk-out sub-grade.

Palo Alto Cali 2

Palo Alto Cali 1

Palo Alto Cali