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School Bus Extrication (2 hours) – Imagine arriving on scene to find an overturned school bus with students trapped, injured, and screaming for help. Whether you are in an ambulance or a fire engine, your first priorities will be numerous–initiating the incident command system, determining hazards and the number of patients, triaging, entrapments, and dealing with walking wounded scattered around the scene. This class covers basic to advanced extrication techniques that includes window, door, sidewall, roof, and floor breaches; stabilization; and underrides, rollover pinning, driver entrapment, and roof intrusion causing entrapment.


School Bus Emergencies In-Service for School Districts (2 hours) – How do we prepare a community and ourselves for a school bus emergency?  As emergency responders, we are used to bringing calm to chaos. As educators, parents, and school transportation representatives we should strive to be prepared for the unexpected. No matter what, we answer the call and mitigate the challenges in front of us. Our children are our livelihoods and futures; any emergency involving them is physically and emotionally taxing on all involved. Just like anything else that we develop action plans for, school bus emergencies need a plan of their own. That plan must involve the cooperative efforts of fire, EMS, police, school personnel, and public officials.  This presentation will provide you with the knowledge of who does what, where, when, and why at school bus emergencies.


This will be a BASIC+ training that quickly progresses from basic school bus extrication techniques to more compounded techniques that include: window, door, sidewall, roof, and floor breaches. (4 Hours)

Stabilization challenges and heavy lifting options will be handled throughout the training as challenging scenarios are presented such as: under-rides, roll-over pinning, driver entrapment, and roof intrusion causing entrapment. (4 Hours)

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