By routinely reflecting on the challenges that first due companies face, the materials herein will hopefully get you thinking critically and/or more creatively about how to use your tackle.  Contributors to this site and members of the crew vary in experience, age, technological abilities, and number of fish caught.  In addition, their houses of call cover the spectrum of rural volunteer, small combination, and career metropolitan fire departments.  It’s this aspect of our writing and instruction that we hope will find a place in your firehouse and on your training ground.

Here’s the premise behind the First Due Tackle logo:

  • Tackle Box – I like to fish and frequently have to dump my tackle box out to get fish in my cooler.  In comparison to the fire service, our first due tackle is used in varying degrees for public welfare.
  • Book – A dinosaur in the age of technology, yet symbolic to the importance of life-long learning and the ever-increasing importance of higher education.
  • School Bus – A big reminder of what is at stake, our futures, and a rescue passion.
  • Cribbing & Wedges – Maintain, sharpen, and perfect the basics.
  • Mechanical Jack – Find the fastest and smartest way.
  • Rope Rescue Hardware – Survival, rescue, and increasing your odds.
  • Devil’s Claw – Innovation is key in leadership, instruction, and problem solving.