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Extrication Tool Wraps / Bucket

Everyone doesn't have to load down their turnout gear with tools for vehicle extrication. These simple wraps/bucket can be deployed by the officer or designated member of the crew at working extrications.

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Lifting and Moving Rat Maze

Andrew Brassard made a maze prop that weighs a couple hundred pounds. The idea is to use pry bars, airbags, wedges, cribbing, rabbit tools, spreaders, and other tools to manipulate the box and get a small ball from one end to the other.

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Protestor Extrication Training

Henrico Fire doing a protestor extrication training. Just another all-hazards response we may run on. Notice they involved the donut marshals. Us recliner jockeys have to be on the same page with our law enforcement counterparts in these scenarios. Solid training.

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