Roll-Over Pinning / Lifting / Moving – Thinking With Muscle

When I say thinking with muscle I include your cranium muscle.  At last nights training we set-up a roll-over pinning scenario and also moved big blocks.  It’s not rocket science, but sometimes we could fall into a trap of what is not fastest and safest.  That is where the brain muscle comes into play.  Very often the safest and fastest technique may be a basic option.  Below are serveral pictures from the training and a few thoughts on technique.  Additional resources are linked throughout the post so be sure to click on them as well.


Roll-Over Pinning

With any lift, cribbing and filling voids is important.  You’ve probably heard it before but here it is again…If you lift an inch, crib an inch.  When lifting we are fighting the effects from gravity and the center of gravity of the object.  Use your brain muscle to determine where the force needs to be applied and where the fulcrum gives you the best advantage.

Review Your Cribbing Basics

Driving wedges to get the needed lift. Avoid crumpling the roof.

60″ pry bars. Simple Class 1 levers.

First Responder Jack, High-Lift Jack, Farm Jack. Call them whatever you want, but they are fast and safely deployed for this type of lift.

More Jack Team work HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.  Search “High-Lift Jack” in the search box for more.

Airbags are an option that often comes to mind first when there is a need to lift. Use that brain muscle to recognize if this is the fastest/safest option.

The trainees recognized that some basic techniques are fastest and safest for this roll-over pinning scenario.

Lifting Big Blocks

Think about a big load pinning a victim. It could be structural in nature, a machine, or whatever.  How are you going to move it?  In the pictures below you will see the crews lift a 3,500 pound block with simple levers.  It takes teamwork, all kinds of muscle, but it is fast and safe.  Watch your pinch points and don’t put your body between a rock and a hard place.

We couldn’t do many of these trainings without some vendor support.  Give them a like after training.  Corey Temple at Fire Service, Inc, First Responder Jack, Paratech, The Pig, Search Sleeve.

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