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More Jack Team Work On A Roll-Over Pinning

What are your options when faced with a vehicle roll-over pinning? What comes to mind first? Airbags, hydraulic tools, wreckers, jacks, lifting struts, pry bars, wedges? For this scenario you have a single victim pinned under an overturned vehicle. What is the safest and fastest option to free the victim? For the remainder of the discussion we are going to show the use of a jack. In the picture to the left and video to follow you will see the First Responder Jack in use, another common option is the farm-jack. Add other options in the comments below.

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First Responder Jack – Review

We have recently had the opportunity to review the First Responder Jack. Although we have more to do, a bunch of techniques with this jack have been completed. This tool is firefighter-designed and has up to a 46oo lb. of lifting and winching options.

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