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FDIC 2014 Re-Cap

The 2014 version of FDIC has come and gone. I had the chance to meet some new friends and connect with some old ones. If you haven't made it to FDIC be sure to put in on your list for 2015.

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Garbage Trucks – Lifting A Heavy Load

After getting home late Sunday night from the Rippin Rescue in Westminster, SC, I was hurrying to the curb with my bags of trash Monday morning just as the garbage truck rolled up. Two days earlier we were finding ways to extricate a victim pinned by a car that rear-ended the truck.

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Ohio Fire & EMS Expo Recap / Additional Resources

For the 3rd year in a row, the firefighters behind the Ohio Fire & EMS Expo put on a great show. Each year it has grown bigger and better. Somehow they have found a way to bring in high caliber instructors and keep the conference pass affordably priced and the expo hall free, thanks to Rescue Methods. Be sure to "Like" Ohio Fire Expo on Facebook and watch for next years announcements. It was great to meet some new brothers and meet-up with some old friends.

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