Training Props, Storm Damage, and Hackman In Indiana For 1/2 Ironman

There are three separate parts to this post, but lots of good stuff to think about.


Andrew Brassard and the Brothers in Milton, Ontario got a hold of metal from an old playground that was being torn down.  The scenario was a car into a playground with people under the car.  They wanted to get a new recruit some time on all the different tools for metal cutting.  Brass said they pulled almost every metal cutting tool off the rig.

This is a great example of a pretty simple training to set up that creates energy for the job and motivation to do more.

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Below are two pictures from the SPEC rescue facebook page.  They made a floating roof section of a house for breaching and search operations for people in attics of flooded areas.  Many of you may be able to related to this type of rescue.


Storm Damage

We shared this picture Wednesday night, but its worth sharing again.  This picture alone can be a great discussion about storm response and electrical hazards.  It is from Bellevue, OH after a tornado came through.

Hackenburg In Indiana For 1/2 Ironman

FF Brian Hackenburg will be competing in the Ironman 70.3 Muncie tomorrow morning.  You can follow him live HERE.  Search his name or enter Bib # 767.

Brian is preparing for the full triathlon distance in September at Cedar Point (Sandusky, Ohio).  The catch is he will be doing the marathon portion in gear and an airpack.  You can get involved and/or support the cause below.


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