Vehicle Extrication In The Water

Have you ever responded to a vehicle crash in the water?  Have you trained for this scenario?  Some may say it is a far-fetched incident, but our suggestion is that you prepare for it.  The pictures and videos below are from the 2013 BGSU State Fire School heavy rescue class.  Again, in this pit we had numerous tools to use including: Holmatro, and Kodiac struts and air chisels from Howell Rescue.  Be sure to give the pages a "Like" by clicking the links.

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In the videos below you will see some work to enter the vehicle from the sides and another technique to tunnel in from the rear, which simulates no access to the sides.  Keys to this training include:

  • Wearing and working in cold water suits
  • Securing the vehicle to shore (come-along, chains, ropes, etc.)
  • Understand safety precautions for the moving water environment (throw ropes downstream)
  • Stabilization with struts (wood cribbing doesn't work so well in water)
  • Knowing vehicle construction (when a vehicle is upside down and partially under water, you must work by feel to place your tools in the correct locations to perform what is considered basic extrication on dry land)

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