Dive Training / Videos With The Fire Cam

Went diving last night as part of an PADI open water class at Whitestar Quarry in Gibsonburg, OH.  An extra set of eyes was needed and it was good to see how some of our new divers were progressing.  They all did well and completed the class.  I must confess, I dove dry and with a full-face mask while the new divers dove wet.

I took the Fire Cam Mini HD along to get a little footage of a couple of the skills.  We were primarily between 20 and 30 feet deep during the skill sets.  The waterproof cap for the camera worked well.


My advice to the new divers afterwards was to keep diving, constantly work to improve buoyancy  control, stay calm, and be smooth.  The environments we get called to dive on are mostly technical, with little visibility, and sometimes scarcely supported dive profiles.  Be smart.  Feel free to add some noteworthy advice to the rookie divers in the comments section.  Check out the short videos below.

Mask flooding / clearing skill


Fin pivot skill


Great Fire Cam Mini HD Deal From The Fire Critic

Swimming & buoyancy control skill


Bouyancy control skill



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