Stair Climbing and Triathlons

Some of the events up and coming that we are participating in for a variety of reasons.  Some in memory, some to build the team, and others for charity.  In each, firefighter fitness is involved.


Douglas C. Miller
Rescue 5

I am registered to climb for Firefighter Douglas C. Miller (Rescue 5).

Firefighter Douglas C. Miller (34), was married with 3 beautiful daughters…READ MORE HERE

“The 9-11 stair climb at FDIC and elsewhere is about honor and service,” explained Chief Bobby Halton, editor-in-chief of Fire Engineering Magazine and education director of FDIC.  “We will climb to honor their memories.  Not only for what they did that infamous day, but for every day they served. We will climb as they all intended, but were unable. We honor their intentions and show our respect to our chosen hero whose photo we carry. “

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Firefighter Brian Hackenburg is motivated beyond most by saying he will do the marathon part of the Cedar Point Rev3 Ironman in turnout gear if he raises $2000 for the National Firefighters Endowment.  The event is not until September, but the fundraising has begun.  We will also be training and competing with Hack in some regional triathlons this summer.  Stay tuned for more triathlon training posts.  CLICK HERE for last year’s recap.

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