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New Fitness Logo – Same Message

Part of the motivation for the PD guys is when firefighters take off running first while carrying a box of donuts and on the flip side the PD guys put recliners at the finish line for us firefighters. All kidding aside; I hope you find some motivation in the new logo.

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MVC’s / Lake View / Fitness Logo and more…

The weather in northern Ohio has been cold, windy, snowy and full of crashes.  We’ve seen and heard about school buses off the road, semi trailers sideways, and multi-car wrecks.  Below are a few pictures.  Remember to stay alert on the roadways for vehicles sliding your way.  It does take time to shut the road down and/or divert traffic. CRASHES ...

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FDC On Your Preplan?

This FDC might be tough to find in the dark, snow, or smoke without prior knowledge. That knowledge comes with getting out of your recliners and visiting the buildings in your jurisdiction then making sure your pre-plans are up to date.

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