Truck / Lawn Tractor Pinning

Here is a picture from a pinning yesterday in Marion Township (OH).  The lawn tractor was stuck in the mud and the truck was being used to try and pull it out.  The scenario went bad when the truck slid down the hill and pinned a guy between the tractor and the truck.  The victim’s leg was impaled with one of the truck’s tow hooks.

Take a few minutes to think about:

  • Stabilization of the truck / tractor.
  • Stabilizing the victim.
  • Can you disassemble something to free the victim?  Is it possible to unbolt tow hook?
  • Anchor points?  Apparatus, picket line, tree?
  • What would you pull the truck up the hill with?  Winch, 3:1, grip hoist, chain hoist, cable come-along.



Pass it on!