Fire Behavior Prop

The next few paragraphs and pictures are from Andrew Brassard.  He built this prop to talk about fire behavior.  Check it out and talk about the stages of fire with your crew.  What are you looking for when, where, and why as you crawl into each building.

From Brass:

I have often said that three things that I feel are hurting and killing firefighters is 1) lack of building construction knowledge 2) lack of fire behaviour knowledge 3) lack of communication (radio) training and knowledge……. It just happens that I feel these things are often under trained on in the fire service today, the biggest reason I think that we don’t train on these things is because most of the training for these topics is usually death by PowerPoint.

Attached are some pictures of a prop I built to show the stages of fire and to show the effects of new building and furnishing materials when they are in a fire but to also talk about the warning signs of flashover. Prop worked awesome and really drove home the points.

firebehav (2)


firebehav (3)

firebehav (4)

firebehav (5)

firebehav (6)

firebehav (7)

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