Extrication In Ottoville (OH)

IMG_2313IMG_2287This past weekend I was able to teach for BGSU State Fire School in Ottoville, OH with a couple other great rescue minds.  The May Fire School schedule was just released.  Hope to see you in the Heavy Rescue Class.  Now back to our weekend in Ottoville, which is a small town with a proud group of volunteer firefighters.  They might not make the calls of some, but they do a fine job of taking care of the community and each other.  We had the opportunity to learn about the early 1900's horse-drawn pump they had in the station and also walked in the Winter Festival parade that delivered Santa to a local church for lunch.  



On the training end we covered numerous topics including: scene size-up, new vehicle technology, cribbing, stabilization, door and roof removal, lifting dashes, tunnelling, and roll-over pinning scenarios.  We also worked to lift concrete using airbags, pry bars, and high-lift jacks.  Check out a couple of the pictures below and the album on the FDT Facebook page.  


DSCN4330DSCN4321IMG_2328 DSCN4445Pass it on!