Moving Blocks Around The Yard

IMG_2176IMG_2180Here's a quick recap from a lifting and moving class at Ehove Fire Academy.  We had a couple hours to talk cribbing, airbags, prybars, driving wedges, and high-lift jacks.  It's not work when your having fun playing with blocks.  I did learn a new name for the high-lift from one of the attendees…a Sheepherder's jack.  I did a quick internet search and found that the predessesor of the High-Lift Jack Co. called them Sheepherder's jacks or Handyman jacks.  This bit of history dates back to the early 1900's.  


Using rollers to move a block around the yard:


Using levers and muscle to lift a block.


  More on cribbing basics and numbers HERE.  

Moving two blocks apart with jacks and jack sleeves.  


Read more about jacks and sleeves HERE and HERE

First Responder Jack Review

Since we're on the topic of some lifting and moving.  Here is a video Andrew Brassard shared of a vehicle salvage after it fell through the ice.  These guys use some pretty basic levers and mechanical advantages…  

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