A Pod With Solar Power

photo 4photo 3Lt. Brent Bronner was returning from a run with his crew and they saw a Pod sitting in a mall parking lot.  They decided to get a little closer and check it out.  When they got a little closer they saw solar panels on top of it.  

They tracked down mall maintenance personnel who were able to answer a few questions, but not all we might have.  The Pod is clothes recycling station on steroids.  The solar panels on top are to power lighting and secuity cameras.  


photo 2

Lt. Bronner didn't find any power shut-off; just a conduit running inside the Pod from the solar panels.  He said the Pod had a puck style lock that was encased on the end doors.  Without an inside look we don't know how to secure the power.  

He also said there is a potential for entrapment if someone tried to climb into the Pod via the large chutes.  

photo 1

If anyone has more information to share; send it over.  

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