Talked Chains, Hydraulics, Pneumatics While Tearing Up A Semi Cab

We know a guy that needed a semi tractor cut up.  He just happened to know we would cut it up for him.  So, that’s what we did.  A quick-hitter class of sorts, but its not everyday you get to cut up a semi tractor.  We had a good mix of seasoned and rookie firefighters that worked hard and learned.

Corey Temple from Fire Service Inc brought a bunch of TNT hydraulics and a new Paratech Gen3 Pak40 chisel.  We also had a couple of sawzals and a heavy wrecker at our disposal.   Below are a couple pictures from the training and a teaching point or two.  Many of these things you can talk about with your crew while checking out a semi around town.  Talk with your local heavy wrecker operators as they have a wealth of knowledge about big vehicle contruction, chains, lifting, brakes, suspensions, etc.


Heavy wrecker operator John Miller explaining how to hook chains to capture the suspension. Remember: if chain hooks are going to break it will typically be on the small side. Hook the chain so it drops down and does not fly upward.

Paratech’s Gen3 Pak40 chisel had no problems getting through the back of the cab.

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Making a relief cut for a dash lift.

Pop the latch side and then cut the hinges (or spread).

The cab was pretty tore up by this point, however, lifting the roof can be done easily by cutting both A posts and extending a ram.

Set-up for steering column displacement with hydraulics. Realize cribbing will be needed as the fiberglass hood will crumple.

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