Milton, Ontario Cliff Rescue Training / Homemade Edge Protection

One of the Milton, Ontario Fire Department crews set up a scenario where they had to rescue a “patient” from the bottom of the cliff… but they had to go through and around several trees at the edge of the cliff. Rattlesnake point (where they get most of their rope calls has some pretty tricky edges with overhangs and trees growing out of the face). The rescuer started the basket out in horizontal and then switched to a vertical basket configuration to clear the trees and then back to a horizontal configuration once the trees were cleared.

Special thanks to Captain Chris Burke of the MFD for a couple pics!


Note the edge protection. ¬†It’s homemade and works well for the variable cliff edges.

Another view of the edge protection. Pic from Andrew Brassard.

Up close look at the homemade edge protection. Some o2 tubing, dowel rods, and paracord.  Picture from Andrew Brassard.

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