Forcible Entry Prop Build From Oregon

FDT Forcible Entry Prop

A few months back Elgin (Oregon) Fire Protection District Fire Chief Kevin Silvermail contact us about our homemade forcible entry prop.  Unfortunately there are no blueprints to share, but we passed along numerous pictures and emails with measurements.  Over the last couple years many Brothers have inquired about the prop and said they wanted to build one.  Chief Silvermail was the first to share some pictures of the homemade prop they built after seeing ours.  It is awesome to see the sharing of training information, prop ideas, and knowledge spread.

Read more about our prop and view pictures HERE, HERE, and HERE.  Also check out some of the videos of firefighters beating on it HERE.


Chief Silvermail shared that the prop is working well and they are making some adjustments as they learn how it responds to the beating.  He also said they will get some videos of it in action.  Below are the pictures from Chief Silvermail.

Below is a flyer for the 2-3 hour program we offer.  It’s a hand’s on training program that is great for both career and volunteer departments.  Definitely a quick hitter to get the tools in your hands and create some enthusiasm for more training.  Contact us to schedule.

Forcible Entry Training Class Flyer

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