If You Need a Torch On Your Scene…Can You Operate It?

Torches are not a tool that we use everyday, month, or year on our emergency scenes, but if needed can you pull it off the rig, work truck on a job site, or cart in an industrial setting and go to work quickly?  Entrapment and impalements possibilities are never ending and some may require cutting a victim free with a torch.  Brothers in Toledo, Ohio were recently faced with a victim impaled on a 6′ tall Victorian style wrought iron fence.  While stabilizing the victim, they used a Metabo with an abrasive disk to cut the spike free.  If the Metabo didn’t work in that situation, Plan B might have been using a torch.  


Whenever using a torch around a victim it is important to protect the victim from both heat transfer and molten slag.  Monitor heat conduction with an infrared thermometer if available.  In the video below you will hear a few more safety precautions and general operating guidance from Mike Stout, a 30 year volunteer firefighter, skilled fabricator, and machinery operator.

We will be doing more cutting with an acetylene torch on an our homemade auger prop this weekend at a farm rescue class hosted by the Northern Ohio Fools and Ehove Fire Academy.  The pick below is a quick look of what’s to come.

We are also getting a seek peak at the coming soon Mechanix Wear – Extrication Leather Glove.  Check out the specs here.

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