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Are You Ready For Harvest Extrication Possibilities?

Summer is coming to a close and the farm fields will be getting more active again. We've kept this post fairly short with some patient management thoughts, but have included several links below that touch on: haybines, augers, combines, anhydrous ammonia tanks, corn headers, grain bin rescue, and rope systems.

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Some Possible Entrapments Right Off The Farm

We specifically asked some questions of the farmer/firefighters at the training about what the most likely entrapments are on the new equipment used today. Many of the entrapments are caused by moving parts, so if the farmer tries to clear a jam or fix part of the machine without shutting it down we may get the call.

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If You Need a Torch On Your Scene…Can You Operate It?

Torches are not a tool that we use everyday, month, or year on our emergency scenes, but if needed can you pull it off the rig, work truck on a job site, or cart in an industrial setting and go to work quickly? Entrapment and impalements possibilities are never ending and some may require cutting a victim free with a torch.

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