Stuck On A Hill & Gusset-less Trusses

Here are two quick topics for discussion around the firehouse kitchen table as we try to stay cool when temperatures soar.  The heat is even making for some tough fishing. A bunch of us dumped the tackle boxes the other day trying to fill our coolers without success.

Stay cool.

Brother firefighters from South Carolina Phil Burden and Kyle Burden shared the pictures below of a semi trailer caught up on a short, but steep railroad crossing after the trailer dollies came down.  The elder Burden in the father/son combo gave some great advice when he said “and that’s why we don’t trust trailer dollies.”  When extrication is involved remember to crib/strut/stabilize the load.

The rig had to be lifted off by a heavy wrecker.

Now, what appears to be gusset-less trusses painted black shared by Brent Bronner.  Several of us have been chatting this afternoon about the probability of this truss system being finger-jointed and glued.  Many consider this to be stronger than the gusseted system under fire conditions.  Share your experiences with these roof systems.  Be sure to check out Green Maltese and Buildings On Fire  for more on building construction.

Here’s a link Lt. Shafer (Green Maltese) shared about finger-jointed trusses.

Pass it on!