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Mushroom Plant Machinery Rescue


The following is a description of a machinery rescue call from Andrew Brassard and the Milton (Ontario) Fire Department. They received the call around 11:30 pm a few days back for a man caught in a machine at the Leaver Mushroom Plant. At the end are some leasons learned and other things to think about. Also, be sure to check out the linked man-lift rescue post with more variables.

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Extrication In Ottoville (OH)


This past weekend I was able to teach for BGSU State Fire School in Ottoville, OH with a couple other great rescue minds. The May Fire School schedule was just released. Hope to see you in the Heavy Rescue Class.

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Moving Blocks Around The Yard


Here's a quick recap from a lifting and moving class at Ehove Fire Academy. We had a couple hours to talk cribbing, airbags, prybars, driving wedges, and high-lift jacks. It's not work when your having fun playing with blocks.

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