Remember and Train On the Basics – You Might Need Them

Gear from Tecgen Xtreme

Gear from Tecgen Xtreme

Sometimes we get caught up in all the fancy and extensive tools on our rigs.  This is a reminder that we can do great work with simple tools.  The pictures below show a pretty simple roll-over pinning scenario we had set up at the NY Chief’s conference extrication class.

The discussion starts by asking: what tools do you have to perform this rescue?  Airbags is a pretty typical answer across the fire service.  We have airbags on the mind all the time for some reason, but think about other options.  Ask you crew before giving the options below.  After the discussion, get out and review the techniques:

  • Driving wedges
  • Pry bars
  • High-lift jacks
  • Airbags
  • Hydraulics

Always remember to crib as you lift.


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