NY State Chief’s Conference Recap

Last week I was teaching with some great guys at the NY State Fire Chiefs Conference.  We started setting up for the HOT extrication class and it was raining.  We finished the classes Friday evening and it was still raining.  The classes went great and 32 cars are now headed to the crusher.

Below are a few pictures of the topics we covered followed by a little bit on the brotherhood in NY.


IMG_3516IMG_3514Thursday evening a bunch of the instructors from multiple hot classes were taken by bus to the Floyd Fire Departments annual clam bake.  This was one heck of a meal with stories of the days training and beyond being told all evening.

Our bus to the clam bake - firefighter style

Our bus to the clam bake – firefighter style

School Bus Extrication Resources Here

Later that night, I met up with Willie Wines from the Wooden Ladders and Iron Fireman Blog  for a few minutes of discussion about mustache growing.  Great times.


You might have notice the name Auggie Matt above in one of the pictures.  He’s the brains behind the Searchsleeve.  Check out our review from a while back of the Searchsleeve HERE.


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