A Pod With Solar Power

photo 4photo 3Lt. Brent Bronner was returning from a run with his crew and they saw a Pod sitting in a mall parking lot.  They decided to get a little closer and check it out.  When they got a little closer they saw solar panels on top of it.  

They tracked down mall maintenance personnel who were able to answer a few questions, but not all we might have.  The Pod is clothes recycling station on steroids.  The solar panels on top are to power lighting and secuity cameras.  


photo 2

Lt. Bronner didn't find any power shut-off; just a conduit running inside the Pod from the solar panels.  He said the Pod had a puck style lock that was encased on the end doors.  Without an inside look we don't know how to secure the power.  

He also said there is a potential for entrapment if someone tried to climb into the Pod via the large chutes.  

photo 1

If anyone has more information to share; send it over.  

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  • In the event you have a rescue inside..make the grab and go.
    Any solar system that is isolated like this is using the modules to charge batteries.  It is operating at less than 48Vdc.  It's much different than systems tied to the utility paower.  The hazard here are the batteries inside.  Don't worry about the box getting energized, it won't.