Stretch Before Training…Are You Kidding?

Let me first start this post out with a question…Have you ever stretched before a fire department training as a group?  Prior to this past Saturday, my answer would have been, NO.


We just got done setting up for a couple hour forcible entry training with the Jerusalem Twp. Fire Department when one of the Captains came up to me and asked if we could stretch the crew out before starting.  In my mind I was a bit confused at first as probably easily noticed on my face, however, I said sure let’s make it happen.  Lt. Frank Villarreal quickly volunteered to lead the group through a few minutes of stretching which included; rotating both arms forward and back, bending at the waist and touching your toes, rotating side to side, and a sprinters starting stance for the calfs.  

On the drive home, we chatted about the pre-training stretching and realized this was a great idea.  We are so used to going from 0 to 60 when the tone drops that we do the same when training.  I have no evidence that the stretching prevented any strains or sprains on a cool fall Ohio morning, but I would like to think it might have.  Kudos to the Jerusalem crew for thinking about one simple way to reduce firefighter injury.

As far as the training, the prop continues to provide a repetitive means to build forcible entry muscle memory.  With a few new recruits in attendance, we had the chance to go over the hand tools, techniques (GAP – SET – FORCE), and some basic saw operations.

Single FF Technique



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