Dopes On A Rope Work and the ARC Hurricane App

I’ve looked at different bridges for years as potentially challenging should a vehicle go off  and there is a need for rescue or recovery.  How are you going to get down if access from the bank is overly time consuming or impossible due to terrain?  Do you have rope rescue capabilities?  Do you have a commercial gin pole to use as a high anchor point?  What are your other options?  Below is a good video of a ladder gin being used in a scenario similar to the challenge above.



A different type of rope scenario we may face deals with communication towers.  David Walsh sent this link out to a powerpoint presentation prepared by Tom Bartsch.  Even if you not a rope guy, there is good awareness information in the program.  Click the link below then look for the Cellular Telephone Sites link.

Cellular Telephone Sites ppt.

American Red Cross Hurricane App

This app is being shared on Twitter and Facebook as Hurricane Sandy approaches.  It seems to have some good features that may be valuable for those working the East Coast over the next few days.  Also, share it with your residents.  Click HERE for more on the app.  It is available for Droid and iphone.

Hurricane Sandy looks to be setting up to wreck havoc on a huge portion of the Eastern U.S.  Be prepared, be safe, and share your lessons learned once you ring out.

Pass it on!