Forcible Entry Repetition

One of the greatest keys to forcible entry is practice and repetition.  We had a great training tonight with the members of the Berlin Township (OH) FD with my homemade prop that is nearing 800 forces.  This prop has been key to teaching forcible entry techniques over and over, especially on commercial doors.

Check out previous posts, videos, and pictures of this prop in action here and here.  After reviewing the previous posts on the Gap / Set / Force techniques read on below about filling the gap.  

Filling The Gap

When we get our gap we definitely want to keep it.  This prop allows us to practice filling the gap otherwise the spring action in the jam will make you start over.  Remember:  Gap / Set / Force.


If your faced with a stubborn commercial or even residential door make sure your ready to fill the gap.  Use the blade of another axe or wedges.  What else do you carry that can fill the gap?

Residential door side of the prop

In the video below the crew does a great job of getting a gap and setting the tool just prior to forcing the door on the commercial side of the prop.


We also did some metal cutting with a K12.  Check out the technique of holding the saw sideways.  This will make it a little easier when cutting for an extended period.  Ensure your body parts are away from the blade.

The Berlin Twp. FD crew

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