Sub Zero Temps – The Other Extreme We Face

Not being able to cool down at a fire scene seems like a distant memory for the northern part of the country as temperatures drop below zero.  It wasn’t to long ago that many of us faced 90+ degrees and humid temperatures.  The climactic changes in Ohio and many other locations is certainly extreme from season to season.  See below for an example of a warmer environment…

HFD Boat sea trials - 2006


It is definitely time to think about your cold weather bags.  There is nothing like some dry gloves, hood, shirts, socks, and boots after a fire or any outside incident that gets you wet.  Captain Wines has a few other tips for the cold weather HERE.  He recommends some hot water in your rigs cooler and a box of hot chocolate to mix in.  Be sure to “LIKE” the Wooden Ladders and Iron Firemen Blog.

Hermes Dairy Fire in Perkins Township, OH

Hermes Dairy Fire in Perkins Township, OH

The weather guessers are predicting more snow for our area on Sunday with wind and near record setting low temperatures.   If they are correct…it will be an above average challenge on the fireground.  A few years back I was on a mutual aid fire (Perkins Township Fire Department) in conditions like they are predicting.  It was cold, windy, snowy, and we of course made the ice.

Weather it’s a fire, ice rescue or dive, MVC, or even an EMS call; be sure to be prepared and work/take care of each other.

ice diving 2003

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