Our Hybrid Challenge Continues

The other day we rode to a hybrid auto class in a 1966 Jeep.  Basically, it’s a death trap that includes no roll-over protection, gas tank under the driver’s seat, and lap belts that will keep only your hips from being cut off, rubbed off, or pinned under something during a crash.  Technology in vehicles has certainly changed over the years.

Anyways, we had a chance  to look at a Honda Civic and Honda Insight after a quick powerpoint presentation about the types of hybrids on the road today.  For regular updates about vehicle construction and alternative fueled vehicles check out Boron Extrication.  It seems to be a never ending challenge to not only identify alternative fueled vehicles, but also know what’s inside them.  The more you read, train with the technology available, and physically examine hybrid cars; the better prepared you will be.


Honda Insight

Pretty straight forward look at this hybrid by using Moditech’s Crash Recovery System.









Honda Civic









The hybrid Civic exposes rescuers to another challenge.  This car has a vertical hybrid battery behind the back seat.  In the event of an under-ride how are you going to tunnel?  Read on HERE.


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Read more about using technology at car crashes HERE.

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