Escape From Side Presentation

The crash shown in the pictures left this Ford Escape in a side presentation with the drivers side down.  It was unstable side to side, however the drivers side front tire was buried in the stone providing a starting point for stabilization.

Check out the interior picture of what airbags deployed, both side curtains, but neither frontal airbags.  Once the struts were in place the driver was able to self extricate through the back hatch.  If the roof needed to be removed, it would have been a simple job.  The diagram from the Crash Recovery System shows no high strength materials in the posts that would have been cut.  The diagram does show the gas struts for the rear hatchback.  


These drawings can be valuable on scene, but also a good teaching method before or after an incident.  Make sure you are identifying the hazards before you put rescuers into a vehicle or cut.

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