Interior Door Locks & Pork

Are you familiar with safety locks for doors, cabinets, and steps?  Many of us with kids have used these safety measures to prevent injuries, falls, poisonings, and running out the front door into the street.  Don’t laugh to loud at this next suggestion, but the next time your in one of the big box stores, check out the baby section and see all the different locks and gates.  Now imagine these obstacles in a smoked up joint.  For a few bucks you can get some door knob covers for your next search and rescue training.  It’s a bit of a challenge to open the door with gloved hands, but even tougher if you don’t know what your feeling.


Here’s another variation of the door knob cover from Lt. Deptula.

Below is a picture of an interior lock with a keypad on a door going to a garage from Lt. Deptula.  Maybe the purpose is to prevent little kids from getting out, but how about the escape route in the event of fire or an unexpected obstacle for us.

Interior keypad lock

Other Pork

In some up coming trainings and on the rig, we will be putting Brother Firefighter Putman’s Pigskin to the test.  It is specifically made for The Pig.  Check them out and “like” the pages at the links below.

The Pig  /  The Pigskin

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