School Bus Roll-Over in Virginia

Is your department prepared for the challenges you may face if a school bus loaded with children is involved in a crash.  This past Wednesday a school bus rolled over in Virginia.  It is fortunate that reports are stating all injuries are considered minor.  The picture to the left is from a training scenario a few years back.

What do unstrained passengers go through when a school bus rolls?  Check out the video below for an example.  The video is from a camera mounted on the front bulkhead that are common on many buses these days.  


The incident in the video occurred in 2003 in Circleville, OH when the driver swerved to miss another car.  The driver and the children were all OK after being treated for some minor injuries.  During some school bus emergency planning in Franklin County Ohio 3 years ago, I had the opportunity to present to a group of drivers and specifically talk with the driver of this incident.  Are you and your organization prepared for this type of extrication and potential MCI?


For more on the incident in Virginia, check out Captain Wines post on Iron Firemen.

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