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Building Construction

Fire Behavior Prop

firebehav (2)

The next few paragraphs and pictures are from Andrew Brassard. The prop he built to talk about fire behavior worked great. Check it out and talk about the stages of fire with your crew. What are you looking for when, where, and why as you crawl into each building.

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Standpipe Picture Table-Top

Pic from FF Ruggles

Sit this pic on the kitchen table and talk about how the smaller line coming into our standpipe connection may affect pressure and volume. ┬áThen get out and look at a few of your systems. “LIKE” FIRST DUE TACKLE ON FACEBOOK Pass it on!

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Training Pic Makes PBI Ad


Just last month it was brought to my attention that one of the pics from that training was used in a magazine advertisement by PBI Products. Maybe they will toss a few sets of gear our way and get some product review advertisement as well.

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Wall Collapse During Construction


The contractor started knocking out the bottom row of cinder blocks from the inside of the structure. With one block to go they took a sledgehammer to the final block in the center of the wall. Immediately, the wall collapsed and fell outward unexpectedly.

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Parapet Walls and the 360


During a recent company training we pre-planned a local strip-mall. When we were looking at the back of the building we noticed that the mortar holding the bricks together at the bottom of the parapet wall was missing.

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Huge Poultry Farm Fire In China


Many reports this morning of a huge poultry farm fire in China that killed over one hundred workers. Definitely a difficult situation for first arriving crews. Watch the news for more on this one throughout the day as information develops.

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