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Experience and Education – A “Crazy” Thought

Some of you know and others may not know, but I am an educated hose humper with a master’s degree and 15 years on the job.  I’ve been preaching the combination of experience and education for some time.  These aspects of the job should not work in opposition to one another, yet bring forth a more powerful fire service.

I debuted a “Crazy” suit, termed from one of the Tecgen Xtreme folks that helped make it happen.  It has been a conversation piece every night at FDIC.  Firefighters, line officers, and top brass like the premise.  Some get it right away and others jump right on-board after a quick explanation.  One suit = one premise to improve the fire service.  Not one person I have passed has been in opposition to the conversation and direction we need to go.  Let’s make it happen.  More to come…


More on the idea:

Tiger Schmittendorf presented his “XBox To The Box Alarm” conversation again this year at FDIC.  If you haven’t been in that conversation get ahold of him at  Another similar conversation is over at  We’ve had fun holding this conversation together and look forward to seeing you soon.

Thanks to Tecgen Xtreme for making the suit happen.  I just had the "Crazy" idea.

Thanks to Tecgen Xtreme for making the suit happen. I just had the “Crazy” idea.

Pass it on!


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