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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Let The Snow Fly


For the last several weeks we have given away a bunch of great products in the Before The Snow Flies Giveaway. Somehow, Smitty over at Boron Extrication and the FDT crew have managed to juggle what goes to who. We certainly couldn't have made it without the help of Shane at the National Firefighters Endowment. Consider joining the Officers Club.

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Barn Burner, Hand In a Fish Slicer, & More Locks


October is alway a busy month with fire prevention activities, so here are a few topics to get your training geared back up. Ultimately, we have to expect fire, expect entrapments, and expect to break stuff. There are a bunch of links throughout this post to help with a company drill or table top discussion.

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More Quick Training


Brother Houghtlen sent over some more Quick Sh!t this afternoon. Check out the others HERE. Do you have any ideas you want to see on the Quick Sh!t page. Is anybody using these one page training documents yet? Send us pictures if you are.

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Escape From Side Presentation


The crash shown in the pictures left this Ford Escape in a side presentation with the drivers side down. It was unstable side to side, however the drivers side front tire was buried in the stone providing a starting point for stabilization.

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Ride Backwards


Next up for the Before The Snow Flies Giveaway is a shirt from Ride Backwards. Read more about the Ride Backwards crew and how this firefighter product for firefighters was born, HERE.

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How Do You Store Your Webbing?


Below are two different methods of storing webbing with a carabiner. FF Louie Wargo sent them over with a few questions after a recent training. As a side note, be sure to look up in the wheelhouse of the Jet Express if your ever headed to the Lake Erie islands. Captain Louie might be piloting the boat.

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Helicopters, School Buses, & Automobiles


The sites main goal is to give you the best possible information on how to quickly identify what type of aircraft is in front of you, gain access, shut-down aircraft systems, and remove aircrew members during an emergency incident and/or accident in your response area or community.

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If your just finding out about the Before the Snow Flies Giveaway be sure to catch up HERE and HERE. ┬áThis week starts off with a set of Attack Wraps from Fire House Pride and a tshirt from Detroit Fire Tees. ┬áMake sure you enter the giveaway and “like” the Detroit Fire Tees and FireHouse Pride Facebook pages. Thanks to ...

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