Using Technology at Car Wrecks

Some say its to slow, but a little practice, a decent MDT or ipad, and having a general knowledge of vehicles on the road can make you faster and safer on the wreck scene. Michael Smith had an article out yesterday where he talked about avoiding high strength steels when your tools are dated.  Read the article here.  Are your tools capable of cutting the HSS, UHSS, and boron that Smitty regularly brings to our attention on

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The Crash Recovery System is one way to use technology to help with our cut arounds that may be necessary.  It also gives us a heads up on airbags, other pyrotechnics, capacitors, and battery locations.  Below are a few pictures of cars, try to identify the make and approximate year prior to scrolling down to see the CRS drawing (click the picture if you need a larger view).  This is one way you can get better at identifying vehicles.  Or take your CRS to a parking lot and see what you can find behind the skin without even cutting.






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