Ventilation, Modular Construction, and Bed Bugs

We’re going to start this post off with a little discussion on ventilation and building construction by watching a video.  Let me first say, this video is not about the tactic to ventilate a single story ranch joint, because most often your right, we wouldn’t.  We had a roof and this was one part of the training to learn about a louvered cut and in the end, the modular home truss system.  We also decided to skip wearing SCBA’s on this day since it was 80+ degrees.  Pay particular attention to the firefighter in the video as he moves from cut to cut, he clicks the saw brake on and off as you should.  Once the roof is opened up, pause the video and check out the 2×2 truss system.  We could get into a whole discussion on why not to go on a roof of this type with fire conditions below.



We ventured away from the pack to use our tackle the other day and had a pretty good day reeling in perch.

For more on building construction check out Lt. Shafer’s blog, Green Maltese.

Bed Bugs

Just the other day a piece that Lt. Bronner and I wrote about cooking the little critters was shared.  We hit on some of the hazards firefighters will face.  Check it out here:  Incidents Involving Heat Sanitizing Equipment.

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