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Monthly Archives: July 2012

If You Need a Torch On Your Scene…Can You Operate It?


Torches are not a tool that we use everyday, month, or year on our emergency scenes, but if needed can you pull it off the rig, work truck on a job site, or cart in an industrial setting and go to work quickly? Entrapment and impalements possibilities are never ending and some may require cutting a victim free with a torch.

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Old Fire Engines, Jack Team Work, and Team Triathlon Training


As always with a post, we try to add a training piece you can add to your tackle box. This time the training piece is going to be quick and first thing then on to a pretty exciting bit of history at the firehouse yesterday followed by a bit of physical fitness. Get the training piece at least and keep reading for a little extra.

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Who Needs A Chisel? (Part 2)


In Part 1 of this discussion on air chisels we touched on operating hazards, general operating techniques, and a homemade chisel prop. Several videos of training on the prop along with the entire post can be seen here. Again, air chisels seem to be a love them or hat them type of tool, but in many scenarios they can provide a quick means to rescue entrapped victims. In this post we added some more training tips, street-smart techniques, and pictures of possible uses. The list isn't all inclusive, but at least a start for your training.

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Who Needs An Air Chisel? (Part 1)


Air chisels seem to be a love them or hate them type of tool. In our opinion they can certainly be helpful in a variety of extrication and rescue scenarios. In Part 1 of this post we will take a look at operating hazards, general operating techniques, and a homemade chisel prop to instruct students on how to use the chisel. Several videos are included for review and discussion.

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