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Let The Snow Fly

For the last several weeks we have given away a bunch of great products in the Before The Snow Flies Giveaway. Somehow, Smitty over at Boron Extrication and the FDT crew have managed to juggle what goes to who. We certainly couldn't have made it without the help of Shane at the National Firefighters Endowment. Consider joining the Officers Club.

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Before The Snow Flies – GIVEAWAY

Boron Extrication and First Due Tackle have teamed up to give you a chance to win some new equipment and swag. We'll announce a new product or more every week until the giveaway ends on October 31, 2012. The more often you like and share, the more chances you have to win. Be sure to review the rules on the Enter The Giveaway page linked below and check the blogs regularly for the next product announcement.

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