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School Bus Extrication

Controversial Or A Good Idea – Green Rub Rails On School Buses?


As more and more alternative fueled vehicles hit the road, we still haven’t really seen an industry standard that identifies these vehicles easily for first responders.  Little hybrid, propane, or CNG stickers on the trunk or fender can be hard to see at night and/or destroyed during a crash.  The tale is similar when talking about school buses.  Take for ...

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98 Gallon Propane Tank For A School Bus


Over the last few days I've been in Reno, Nevada presenting and learning at the School Transportation News Expo. Here's yesterdays post on some leadership lessons the fire service can learn from the transportation industry. READ ON. STN puts on a great conference. Be sure to follow them on Facebook to stay current with the technology we will see on the road and to show them the fire service cares about the transportation of our children.

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We Can Learn From The School Transportation Industry


At the end of last year, Ryan Gray (Editor-In-Chief of School Transportation News magazine) contacted me about writing a piece on school bus emergencies and what first responders will do at the scene of a crash.  Read it HERE.  Subsequent to that article, I was invited to collaborate and present a couple classes at the STN Expo with Cheri Clymer ...

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