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Are You Ready For Harvest Extrication Possibilities?


Summer is coming to a close and the farm fields will be getting more active again. We've kept this post fairly short with some patient management thoughts, but have included several links below that touch on: haybines, augers, combines, anhydrous ammonia tanks, corn headers, grain bin rescue, and rope systems.

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2013 Ohio Fire & EMS Expo


The 2013 edition of the Ohio Fire & EMS Expo will be in Columbus, OH on September 25-27. This is the fourth year of this growing conference put on by Ohio firefighters/paramedics who are on a mission to increase safety for emergency responders through affordable education.

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Controversial Or A Good Idea – Green Rub Rails On School Buses?


As more and more alternative fueled vehicles hit the road, we still haven’t really seen an industry standard that identifies these vehicles easily for first responders.  Little hybrid, propane, or CNG stickers on the trunk or fender can be hard to see at night and/or destroyed during a crash.  The tale is similar when talking about school buses.  Take for ...

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Fatal Bus Crashes – Worldwide


Over this weekend the world saw two fatal charter bus crashes. Although different in construction, these buses give rescuers similar challenges because of the numbers of passengers. Lots of personnel and resources are needed for incidents of this magnitude.

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School Bus Crashes In The News – Week of 11-12-12


Here are some of this weeks school bus crashes from around the country. If you haven't trained for a school bus crash in your jurisdiction, prepare now. From small town USA to big city American, unfortunately school buses crash everyday. If you do nothing else, check out the resources on the FDT School Bus Extrication page linked at the end of this post. Table top a crash and go see some school buses at your local school transportation garage.

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