Are You Ready For Harvest Extrication Possibilities?

Summer is coming to a close and the farm fields will be getting more active again.  We’ve kept this post fairly short with some patient management thoughts, but have included several links below that touch on: haybines, augers, combines, anhydrous ammonia tanks, corn headers, grain bin rescue, and rope systems.

This post in addition to the linked posts will give you several topics to discuss and prepare for with your crew.


Locate and secure the main power disconnect for the facility.

Some things to think about before the call from FF / Life Flight RN Si Judy:

  • Know the resources available to you
    • Based on the type of call, as you suit up and head out, consider what further resources you may need, such as helicopter transport, field amputation teams, etc…
  • Size up and control your scene
    • Don’t allow yourself or the victims friends/ family member to become injured working without power shut off or with unfamiliar equipment
  • Plan your patient management ASAP
    • Think about how we can control significant bleeding, and injured extremities before extrication. Some injuries can tamponade themselves and will bleeding increase or begin once the injured patient has been extricated?
  • FF & Life Flight RN Si Judy discussing patient management at a recent training

    Protect the patient

    • Don’t forget that if it is needed for us to wear turnout gear to protect ourselves from heat or debris, the patient will also be exposed to this.
  • Explain your steps to the patient
    • This will hopefully allow the anxiety of the patient to decrease allowing the patient to not fight against our extrication attempts or cause more damage to themself by trying to extricate themselves.

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