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Paul Hasenmeier is the Deputy Chief of Goshen Township (OH) Fire and EMS.  Hasenmeier possesses a bachelor’s degree in Fire Science from Columbia Southern University as well as a master’s degree in Public Administration from Capella University.  He is a graduate of the National Fire Academy’s Executive Fire Officer Program.   Additionally, Hasenmeier is certified in Ohio as a Firefighter, Paramedic, Instructor, Fire Inspector, and all of NFPA 1670’s technical rescue disciplines.

In addition to his current duties and responsibilities as Deputy Chief in Goshen, Hasenmeier is a faculty member at Columbia Southern University where he teaches on-line courses in their fire administration program.  Hasenmeier is an adjunct instructor for Bowling Green State University and teaches at their annual state fire school.  He has presented on fire service topics across the United States and in Canada.  Hasenmeier has also presented and facilitated school bus emergency planning to jurisdictions across the State of Ohio and in conjunction with the School Transportation News network.

  • Doug Wampler


    I was sent to you by Steve Roberts. I am looking for the UL study on the effects of fire on today’s flooring systems. I have seen this before on the web, and several classes I have attended, but am unable to find it when I need it to pass on to my shift. I would greatly appreciate help in locating this video.

    • Doug Wampler

      or Steve Robertson lol

  • Rudy

    Hey man I have been reading your website for some time now and it’s great . I was wondering if you a set of plans or some measurements on your forcible entry prop. I’m trying to build for our station and yours looks pretty good and solid. If you can send the plans or whatever you can to my email address which vr1209@aol.com. Thanks dude and keep doing what you are doing it’s very helpful.

    • Rudy,
      We’re glad your using the site for training. That’s the goal and motivation to keep it going. As for the forcible entry prop, there are no plans. My dad and I put it together in the shop as we went. Search “forcible entry” on the blog and you will get multiple post with pics. Hope this helps, but if you need specific measurements don’t be afraid to ask.

  • Rudy

    Thanks a lot Paul and I’ll do some searching. Thanks again for what you do and keep doing it.

  • Chris


    I just watched your ladder video (Ehove FA) on YouTube.  We have a training facility from the same MFG.  Is hay throughout for burning or softing the landing into the Bldg?  I also see you creatd anchor points for the ladders.  Any particular equipment you used on the interior of the Bldg?

    FF CAV


    • FF Cav, The straw you saw inside a couple windows is to soften the landing.  The windows are pretty high off the floor.  We usually put a couch, chair, or bail of straw under the window for the ladder maze.  We do use straw in the burn rooms.  We put the eye bolts in place for the purpose you mentioned; to secure the base of each ladder when we have multiple up during the ladder maze.  We also tie off the top of most of the ladders.  Nothing extra special on the inside during the maze.  

      For everyone else, here is the ladder maze video we are talking about.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMgDNcvc0kE