The Station Nightclub Fire – 10 Years Ago & Still Learning

Over the last decade we have read and learned a great deal from the tragic events that unfolded in Warwick, RI on February 20, 2003.  The reports, videos, and resources compiled about The Station Nightclub fire are immense.  Be sure to take advantage of what was learned and relate it to your jurisdiction.  Train on incident command, fire attack, MCI’s, and fire codes when thinking about the buildings in your jurisdiction.  Below are several training pieces.


The video below is a short version of the fire, but if you haven’t seen the video you will see the chaotic scene.


This is an article written by Shannon Pieper, the editorial director for Elsevier Public Safety.  Numerous questions that can be used in your company or department training are included.  READ IT HERE.

Below is a video interview with one of the survivors and his involvement with NFPA.


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