School Bus Crashes In The News – Week of 11-12-12

Here are some of this weeks school bus crashes from around the country.  If you haven’t trained for a school bus crash in your jurisdiction, prepare now.  From small town USA to big city American, unfortunately school buses crash everyday.  If you do nothing else, check out the resources on the FDT School Bus Extrication page linked at the end of this post.  Table top a crash and go see some school buses at your local school transportation garage.

Fatal School Bus vs. Dump Truck in New Jersey – Read more HERE


11-13-12 Raeford, NC. No Injuries. 4 kids on board. Remember stabilization for first due companies. Photo by Frankie Mcintyre.



11-15-12.  Gladewater, TX. An ice cream truck rear-ended the bus. Reports state that the driver of the truck needed to be extricated. A 6 y/o on the bus was uninjured.


More on the Gladewater bus crash HERE.

11-15-12 Bel Air, Maryland – Minor Injuries

11-15-12 Staunton, VA – Minor Injuries – Rear End

FDT School Bus Extrication Page

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